Tips on How to Whiten and Brighten Skin Body Naturally. Having a clean white skin is the desire of all people in Indonesia, especially the women. Many ways in which to make your skin look bright and clean, ranging from the use of whitening soap, whitening lotion, whitening drugs, to the more extreme they do inject bleach. Not just price alone is expensive, but the risk posed by the use of chemical drugs certainly have adverse effects on health. Yet how to whiten skin in a natural way, actually not so difficult, provided you know how.

Brighten skin can begin with the outer limbs beforehand as the face, hands, and feet. This is because the body parts are more often seen when compared with the other limb. Many materials can be used, one of which is with yogurt.

Not only can whiten the skin, yogurt is also very useful to provide moisture to the skin. How to naturally whiten the skin is also very easy, just use yogurt as a face mask. You can menambahakannya with honey, and let stand for about 10 minutes. After a bit tight, clean kult face using clean water.

In addition to ingredients such as yogurt, how to lighten the skin can be done using a variety of fruits such as tomatoes and lime juice. Using a tomato for skin whitening can be done by smoothing tomatoes, can be in a blender or in the scar. After that, mix 3 drops of lemon juice and rose water. Mix well all the ingredients and apply on the face and neck. Wait 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with cold water.
Skin Whitening Tips

Whiten the skin by using a little tomato takes time when compared with the skin whitening tips with lemon. No different from the tomatoes, lemon also contains vitamin C. The vitamin C content of the existing lime is a natural lightening agent that can lighten skin gradually.

In early usage, the stinging will be felt, but you do not need to panic because it is natural. When used regularly, the pain will not arise again, and the white skin that you will get.
How to Whiten Skin Body

After whitening the face, the next step is to whiten the body that are not visible streaks. How to whiten skin this can be done by using a mixture of avocado or lime juice and eggs. This whitening cream can be made ​​by mixing lime juice and egg white. Whisk both ingredients and heat using pot.

Wait a moment, so that the mixture looks solid. Wait until cool, and put the cream in the container. Apply the cream every time you want a shower for two times a day to brighten your skin. After 15 minutes you can take a shower, to clean up the remnants of the cream is used as a natural bleach earlier.

In addition to the above manner, using yam for skin whitening can also be done. Already no stranger to fruit that has a white color is often used as an additive for skin whitening lotion.

Adopting from it, we could use a yam that has vitamins and calcium to whiten the skin. grated yam and apply enough on the whole body for skin whitening. Wait a little bit dry and then rinse thoroughly.

Substances contained in this yam not only has benefits for skin whitening alone, but a natural ingredient yam can also provide a cooling effect on the skin. especially if membalurkan grated yam is done after we are exposed to sun exposure or after returning from the beach.

Well that was how to lighten skin in a natural way that you can follow. In addition to the material that is easy to can, how to use is very easy. The purchase price of the material is not too expensive, and we do not need to worry about the risk for long-term use. Therefore choose the natural way although the results can not be seen instantly.